Shift your focus from "I want to get in shape" to focusing on all of those habits that pull you away from what you want


Most of us want to keep our focus on the end goal, like losing weight; and I believe we need to prioritize our habits in order to sustain what we're working towards long term.

If this resonates with you and you keep on finding yourself trying to get back on track and not seeing any changes, you probably don't need a fancy diet or workout. You probably need to focus on your habits and becoming aware of what goes into your body.

Along with habits, I believe that by Tracking Macros, I have been able to better understand what each macronutrient does for my body, as well as being aware of how much I'm consuming in total per day.

I have a Tracking Macros for Beginners Guide that will include your personal macros tailored to your goals. Fill out the application form to know if we're a good match to work together.

I would love to help you :) Let's make long term changes together.