Journey back to self

For the past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege to connect with beautiful souls from all over the world. I’ve been committed to making livestreams a part of my daily routine and I’ve found so much beauty in this experience, particularly.

I love the idea of connecting with people I know nothing about. Not only do I not know them, I also can't see them. Sure, after a couple of months I have seen some of them in pictures and I’ve also had the opportunity to interact with them via private message. But the beauty that I find through this experience is being able to practice pouring love into other people without knowing who they are, what they look like, their beliefs, their passions, what sets their souls alive, etc.

This has set my soul alive in so many different ways. It’s such a beautiful experience to be able to touch other people from afar.

It’s also a very vulnerable experience for me, since I am the only visible person in the livestream. I usually tend to answer a lot of basic and intimate questions. I personally enjoy a lot of the topics that take place, even more so, when everyone is able to open up and share their own experiences.

It’s become a beautiful place where we hold each other accountable in a loving way. Some have publicly shared that they've stopped smoking cigarettes, some have opened up their hearts to start dating all over again after a heartbreak, some have shared their struggles to stay in shape, others have shared their desires and goals and we’ve also celebrated some birthdays together during our livestreams.

We’ve created a loving community and I’m very grateful to every single one of you that has decided to share your time with me, being this the most valuable gift you can offer. It means the world to me.

Thus, I do get a lot of messages filled with love. There are also people that have felt triggered by the livestreams. The other day, I came across a comment that I saw as an opportunity to address and transform the way most of us think.

The person who made the comment did not have a picture, nor a name to be identified by. From what this person was able to share, I assume she was a female. Her comment was somewhere along the lines of “look at you, asking for attention”, “wear more clothes” and “you’re so insecure that you need validation from others”.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about shame within this experience.

When you go out of your way to shame others, it justifies your own neglect of having the courage to achieve the things you desire. By shaming others, you justify why you haven’t explored those layers of yourself. It plays as a band-aid to make yourself feel better in front of an uncomfortable truth or possibility that is being presented to you. You know deep down; you would love to have the courage the other person is showing you. You aspire to be a little like them.

This is a beautiful opportunity to explore your own limiting beliefs. Because I’m sure that someone or several people throughout your life have ingrained fear/doubts in your mind. This might be one of the reasons you act this way towards others. And now it’s your responsibility to write a new chapter introducing a new layer of you.

Another important belief that has liberated me is not to take things personally. Even if someone is “doing” it to you directly. It’s because people react under their own experience and beliefs. The way another person reacts has nothing to do with your worth as a human being.

I’ve always mentioned this during the livestreams: “People pour out what they have inside of them”.

If the first thing someone does when they come across my page is pour out hate. I know it’s because they’re being triggered by something I’m demonstrating or doing. This is an opportunity to heal parts of yourself.

I tend to hold an empathetic and compassionate space of love for them. Because I truly believe human beings do the best they can with the amount of information they hold. I see this as an opportunity to welcome them to a new layer of possibilities.

We’ve ALL been in this situation throughout our lives. If we were a little more compassionate towards others, people would be more willing to make changes.

Think of yourself as a rose and when each leaf starts to wither it represents an old limiting belief or way of thinking. When the rose starts to defoliate, you’re able to appreciate the beauty of the new petals in the inner layers. It’s a new opportunity to give life to a part of you that maybe you didn’t even know existed. Or maybe you didn’t believe it was possible to explore yourself fully without being judged by others. This is what I call self-discovery and liberation.

You see, most of us might think that living your fullest life is to walk around pretending that your life is as aesthetic as the prettiest Instagram profile. And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but life is messy and complex. And the more you connect with yourself, the more time you dedicate to yourself, the more you’ll be able to explore a full and delicious life. By full I don’t mean “just” a happy life. It comes with every emotion that is natural in the human experience. The pleasant and unpleasant ones.

If you ever catch yourself criticizing someone, whether you communicate it directly to the person or keep it in your thoughts. Take a second to understand the origin of this thought. Usually, what we criticize is an invitation to become aware of our hidden wants and desires.

Remember, you can find beauty in every experience. It just requires paying close attention. I believe our emotions are under covered indicators that can bring us closer to our self-discovery. We can choose to be curious enough to explore what each emotion brings for us or we can choose to let it rule us.

It’s part of the human experience. We come to this world to feel, to learn, to become, to transform and to explore different possibilities…

I invite you to explore what you're envious of.

Because you choose what you don’t change.

I see you all and I love you,

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